Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Much to do about nothing...

Just wanted to post and say Hello! I am here and have been very neglectful of my posts. I hope to be posting more regularly (twice a month) that is my goal. Everyone has been busy and Summer is coming to a close. I still have some canning to do and garden clean up. Kids start school tomorrow! Sad to see them go but it keeps them engaged and busy with their friends. Work is work and we are getting closer to the closing of the purchase of the business. Well I know it is short and sweet but it is a start. Ta ta for now....Ilena

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Quick and Dirty

Merry Christams! Have A Happy New Year and Many Blessing for You and Yours this Holiday Season! ...more next year! Love ya Ilena

Trevor's First Christmas Concert and NOT one smile!!!

Let is snow, Let it Snow...no reallly!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A week of fun

Things are still rolling forward here in Orofino. The boys have been keeping us on our toes. Tristan has been very busy with school. His class has been studying volcanoes and they made models and "erupted" them. Tristan really enjoyed building his model. We made homemade play dough and let it dry then Tristan & Trevor painted it. Tristan used vinegar and baking soda to cause the eruption. I have not one drop of red food coloring, vinegar or baking soda in the house after the boys were done.

Trevor has been enjoying school and being a typical First Grader. His Birthday is coming up, in Oct and he is remidning me of the exact date along with giving me directives to what he wants, his party's theme, presents he'd like, friends to invite etc. His Birthday is still a month away. The boy can count...go figure.

We are gearing up for winter. We are a little sad that the boat has to be put away for another year. Yards to be cleaned, swing sets to be sealed, rotating out one season and into another.

Grandpa Mark found a juicy caterpillar specimen for the boys. The loved playing with him. I have to say he was quite plump and wiggly. It was great fun to watch the boys oooh and aww and discover. It also brought back memories of childhood. I love that such a small thing can be so precious, fun and enchanting to share and make a new memory to keep. Isn't life great?!

A little more on the Vegas trip. Lori & I went to the Bellagio to Chef Jean-Philippe Maury P√Ętisserie. It is a must see. They have created the tallest chocolate fountain in the world. It stands 27-feet tall, with two tons of melted dark, milk and white chocolate that runs at a rate of 120 quarts per minute with six spouts in the ceiling through a maze of 25 suspended glass vessels.

The other creations and desserts are not to be discounted either. Enjoy.